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Labyrinths of a Small Town

King George street keeps its history and she is happy interesting places.Walking along the street ,can be in the morning drink a cup of coffee with a croissant or a cool shake for every taste. Near the Park Meir ,where in the thick foliage of trees birds sing and local cats sleep in the bushes. Walking around ,you can see a comic book
store or an antique book store. After the Park Meir we are approaching the protagonist of the narration ,whose name is Dizenhoff Center. It is as the Park is honor of the first measure of the City Tel Aviv Meir Dizenhoff. Tel Aviv shopping center is unlike any other canyon. There is an amazing atmosphere in the mall. Dizenhoff Center is located at the intersection

of King George ,Dizenhoff and Chernikovsky streets. The Center  has 6 entrances and consists of two buildings ,which are connected at the top by a juncion. You can call is a small town, that lives a full life. The words of the Great Poet Alexander Pushkin come to mind. There on unknown paths....


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