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Palma de Mallorca green island

For those who like to listen to birds,singing the rustle of foliage             
and to conduct a dialogue with amazing nature -Palma city invites travelers.
Palma  city is located in the north-eastern part and is washed by
the Bolear Sea.

The city have a warm and pleasant climate which allows you 
to relax all year round. In Palma there are many attractions. The Castle Belver which is 700 years a museum of history.

Walks along the Mory street with beautiful architecture, shops with souvenirs 
handmade, cafesOne of the famous places in the Cathedral of Santa Maria ,which connected many different styles.

Palma City has a good beaches with clean sand and for loves of snorkeling small coves.
Palma de  MaIIorca is a famous for the variety of cheeses, olives, local tortillas with meat and vegetables with fish, dishes branded with fruit jam.
Welcome to the Palma de MaIIorca.



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