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Open Letter

A postcard or an open letter travels a very long time around the world,not long ago we sent postcards to family and friends with  congratulations,trying to find the best words. Open letter,beautiful words,of all good wishes wish You friends. Some people returning from travel bring with them postcards about memorable places. Each cards is an interesting story.

Heads or Tails

The history of coins or Numismatics and also has another name  Legend. Many people know the game from childhood-called  head or tails. Coin collecting is an interesting hobby. Walking along Ben Yehuda Street,you can look into the boutique shops. Where there is a wide variety of coins.They are on Ben Yehuda Street 40 and 18.

Once in London

Winter walk in London... Once a beautiful winter, evening you went out for a walk and the stars shine from a distance and illuminate the way....

World of stamps

The history of brands begins with ancient times. Currently there are many philatelist collectors.  Philately is a very interesting direction of stamps collecting. It is an internation means of communication and it is very popular. In the City of Tel Aviv there are shops for philatelists. In the center of Dizenhoff ,there is a boutique Romano or Dizenhoff stamps. Also in the Allenby street  locating so many shops of stamps.

Culinary motives

Barcelona Stroll through the familiar and to your favorite cafe, feeling the smells familiar immersed in their delicate aroma...

Island of Hope

Hope is amazing feeling ,that accompanies us throughout the whole life journey. The place of the event the people around us give us support for this feeling. Hope has wing. It gives strength ,when it's not a simple, streak of life it, inspires, when it's good. In the City of Tel Aviv on Weisman street ,there is a Medical Complex and next to Kanyun Weitsman is located. This place evokes, the feeling of a small colorful town,with a variety of cafes ,with a place for children's games ,with cozy shops.There is a constant movement... 

Weekend Elegy

Let's not waste life on vanity... On extra words ,to argue . We spend It on a Sunset ,on the rustle of grass,trees, singing birds, melody of daylight.... Domaine de Latroun  located is near Jerusalem.

New Years story

The globe rotates,seasons change.After autumn comes winter and together with her the long-awaited beloved holiday on the planet is the New Year. With his arrival comes the movement, gifts are given, a feeling of happiness ,joy . All people wish each other happiness of health and love. New Years holidays in the Cities of Belgium, Brugge ,Gent.

Ordinary Miracle

Our life consists of unique and fleeting moments.And then after a while only become important, meaningful. Fleeting moments... Noon in Brussels. Morning coffee in Palma Sunny morning in Jaffa

Good fairy taile

Brussels is a Central Square. Where is snow circling,where it rains, where the sun shines... New Year is coming,winter road with a staff his hand. Disengoff Center in Tel Aviv. He bring joy to all people on earth. Jaffa - Central Square Clock.