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Along the mountain paths

Andorra is a beautiful fairyland with mountainous terrain and pleasant climate. There is snow on the mountain peaks.  Peace and quiet reign in this country. Andorra la Vela one of the few Capitals in Europe,whose geographical location allows tourists to arrive only by buses and cars.The origins of the City go to the distant past. An interesting mix of old building and modern ones.   Andorra la  Vela has interesting sights. Many churches of cathedrals towers from different periods of time. The historic center is in the old part. It has small squares, old houses cozy, restaurants and cafes, shops, boutiques.  

Autumn Pastoral

The day of every person on Earth begins with the path. Every day is unique and fraught with many interesting discoveries.Noon in the month of October and the sun shines brightly. A lot of people walking along Rothschild street in Tel-Aviv. At the end of the street is Rothschild and begins the district, which is also called a small Paris,whose name is Neve Tzedek. This place is especially beautiful in the autumn ,when the foliage of the trees becomes multicolored. Neve Tzedek means the Above of the World in translation. Once many years ago people came from different places and decided to build a City.... Every street in this place is interesting and keeps its history. On Rokach  Street is a Museum of Nahum Gutman and a House of Writers, a books-shops ,of a books at a symbolic price. In Nev e Tzedek there are cozy hotels, art galleries and various shops boutiques and the Suzann Dellal  Ballet Art Center and so many interesting places for tourists.

Morning Mosaic

The ordinary day of an unusual City Tel-Aviv at the beginning of the week begins in the morning. People rushing to work with holding cups of coffee and children to school. Sunny morning in the midst of autumn. The city has awakened and we will go on a short walk down the street Nachlat Benjamin . On this street you can see fabric shops and also various shops for handmade lovers.The we go out to the street Ahad Ha 'Am and we approach the building called Shalom Meir Tower. This place can be called a small corner of history,at the entrance decorated with mosaics and also with city layouts,photo exhibition,video halls . You can sit in the nearest cafe admiring the movement. Near the Market Carmel further down people of art exhibit their work product. There are wood glass products,metal,skin and various decoration paintings .

Labyrinths of a Small Town

  King George street keeps its history and she is happy interesting places.Walking along the street ,can be in the morning drink a cup of coffee with a croissant or a cool shake for every taste. Near the Park Meir ,where in the thick foliage of trees birds sing and local cats sleep in the bushes. Walking around ,you can see a comic book store or an antique book store. After the Park Meir we are approaching the protagonist of the narration ,whose name is Dizenhoff Center. It is as the Park is honor of the first measure of the City Tel Aviv Meir Dizenhoff. Tel Aviv shopping center is unlike any other canyon. There is an amazing atmosphere in the mall. Dizenhoff Center is located at the intersection of King George ,Dizenhoff and Chernikovsky streets. The Center  has 6 entrances and consists of two buildings ,which are connected at the top by a juncion. You can call is a small town, that lives a full life. The words of the Great Poet Alexander Pushkin come to mind. There on unknown pat