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Time travel

Menorca Island is a great place for a family holiday. Beautiful and green places of the Island with ancient monuments, chapels and the sea coast with white sand and cozy bars and cafes attract so many people.

Fire Island

One of the smaller Islands, which located in the Mediterranean sea is Menorca. In ancient times it called Nura Island, which means fire. This is a very beautiful and picturesque island

Sea scenes

Sea sun and the sound of the surf...


One day in the spring at noon we will see all the colors of the day. We will hear the rustle of foliage, the singing  of birds and the sun's ray shines in the sky....

Source of aromas

Nespresso Club Coffee is one of the most popular drinks of many people. Its origin goes to the distant past. Middle East is considered the birthplace of coffee  origin, which was also used as a therapeutic drink. Nowadays it is a very popular and its production methods are updates every year.