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The road to Jerusalem the path to yourself ... The road to Jerusalem is beautiful and you can see the colorful landscapes. Jerusalem's forest in which different types of trees grow, such as the Jerusalem pine and  cyprees trees . At the entrance to the City you can see inscription Sakharov Gardens.There gardens are named after the famous academician Sakharov. Jerusalem and ancient and young at the same time,constantly it motion having a unique color,built of white stone, beckons to itself with its mysteriousness.

Vintage Color

Nature gives all people a wide variety of colors.Trees,plants, flowers,birds,animals an unbreakable bond with her. Let's start our journey to the world of retro fashion from Bograshov street ,which is located not far from Dizengoff Center. Famous street King George also invites you to the world of  Retro Fashion. The accessories store located on the Nahalat Benjamin street  and beautiful flowers one of the attractions of the market Carmel. An interesting Gift-Shop for your home is located on Allenby street. 

Historical bridge

Tel Aviv is a City, that does not leave anyone indifferent to anyone forever, changing with time... Dizengoff street, Dizengoff Square   and close to the Bauhaus store,a connection of times and not far away are houses in the style of Bauhaus. When the City wakes up, to walk well on the street .Ben Gurion blvd.,sit in the square and drink shake or a glass of fresh juice..and  directly go to the embankment to the Yacht Club admiring the sun glare. Promenade Shlomo Lahat and then go out a small street Peri Eliezer. The most interesting house is a fairy tale. For those,who have been to Barcelona it will be again. In the shade of trees. there is a house,which has the name Crazy House.

November Rhapsody

We walk lightly along the autumn paths and again into the familiar world of the books. Leafing through pages  of magazines and books. Walking ,dreaming,admiring the autumn foliage and again returning to the prose writers favorite poets again and again...

Travel to the world of books

So many people love books. Since childhood we have become acquainted with the world of fairy tales and fascinating stories,    that are constantly with us throughout our lives. The book world is surprisingly diverse. There is a large of bookstores in Tel Aviv on Allenby street. Each of them is interesting in its own way and where you can buy with a theme for every taste. Colorful windows of bookstores attract attention. Walk and continue along the path surrounded by greenery inside there  are also bookstores,where you can buy rare books and also  collectors to exchange books.    Friendly and experienced salespeople will help in choosing books.

Summer stories

In one of the summer days,after a hearty lunch, two friends of local cats decided to talk. The cats know a lot of interesting things about the life of the City Tel Aviv.