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Under the sky of Athens

    The history of ancient Athens is known from school textbooks.  The myths and legends about Greek heroes were composed. Athens is an amazing city with a warm climate.  The Terminal  of the   Athens is compact and comfortable and communication with the city passes through the metro.     The metro has information offices, ticket offices ,providing services for  tourists of the city.Taxi services have at a very high level.  Only 40 minutes by metro and located center of Athens.       The central stop is called the Syntagma Station. In the central part of the square there is a  fountain, which is transformed in the evening time. Near the park  are some of the attractions of Athens. This Square one of most  famous of Athens.  Greek Parliament is located near the National Garden.              Only about 10 min.walks near th e square there are  beautiful building with Hotels. Where there is a service good and inexpensive. The awakening of Athens begins at noon

City of Dreams

I want to tell you about one of the picturesque place ,which is in Spain. The City of Vigo is an interesting place to rest, watched by the Atlantic Ocean,the City of Vigo is also called -City of the Island. Vigo has attractions such as Castro Fortress, suspension bridge Ponde de rende, Theater Garcia Barbon, and Castle museum Cinema. De Leon. In cozy restaurants you can taste delicious fish. To special recipes. Vigo is a great place for lovers pristine nature.

Palma de Mallorca green island

For those who like to listen to birds,singing the rustle of foliage               and to conduct a dialogue with amazing nature -Palma city  invites traveler s. Palma  city is located in the north-eastern part and is washed by the Bolear Sea. The city have a warm and pleasant climate which allows you  to relax all year round.  In Palma there are many attractions. The Castle Belver which is 700 years  a museum of history.            Walks along the Mory street with beautiful architecture, shops with souvenirs  handmade, cafes .  One of the famous places in the Cathedral of Santa Maria ,which connected  many different styles.            Palma City has a good beaches with clean sand and for loves of snorkeling  small coves. Palma de  MaIIorca is a famous for the variety of cheeses, olives, local  tortillas with meat and vegetables with fish, dishes branded with fruit jam.           Welcome to the Palma de MaIIorca.                

Bright colors of Rome

Bright colors of Rome Rome begins with a landing at the airport Fiumicimo. From the airport   we take Express train to the city centre .   Termini is a final destination,which is located in the heart of Rome. Rome meet like a friendly their guests. Friendly Romans smile all the time and involuntarily you start answer.... gracies.... Convenient transport- metro, trams, buses and taxi services at acceptable prices. Near the Termini there are hotels, cafes, restaurants, parks and  famous sights of Rome. The location of the streets is convenient and the elevation of cultural monuments helps to find the road. Cozy cafes, restaurants, special ice cream attracts guests of Rome.

Malta-Island Mirage

Malta-Island Mirage  Malta is an amazing country which is located in Mediterranean sea. Valletta airport welcomes all guests. Malta is known to many people as a well-known historical place, which connected with the order of Malta and  Napoleon Bonnapart. Valletta is capital city of Malta reflects the atmosphere of the place. Valletta- this fresh  of the sea air on the coast, is a cozy cafe-shops and great  service, drivers taxes  only perfect service Valletta known that city of cats, then lives near promenade in the beautifull houses.   Malta is a great place to relax at any time of the year. 

Back in time in Tel Aviv

Back in time in Tel Aviv One Of the attractions of Tel-Aviv- the Station complex when  is located at the Kaufman street and Nahum Goldman street. The station complex is a very pleasant for tourists. You can se for a while some of what was long ago and there are  also coffes -shops, a shops and bars and in the evening music

Once in sunny day

Once in sunny day              In the year comes so many tourists in Tel Aviv . Tel Aviv  city likes all people ,Allenby  a central place of  Tel Aviv. Every day many people walking ,and sit with the children in coffee shops . At the Allenby st.interection Ahad Ha' am st. He have so many  historical building. One of them Peace Tower, which tells stories a bout Tel Aviv. Everyone knows Rothschild Boulevard ,where can walks  and see the beautiful trees. Allenby street is also very good with the Carmel Market The magical place. The Bialik street invites you to the coffee shop and later under the shade of trees museum houses