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Under the sky of Athens


The history of ancient Athens is known from school textbooks. 
The myths and legends about Greek heroes were composed.
Athens is an amazing city with a warm climate. 
The Terminal  of the   Athens is compact and comfortable and communication with the city passes through the metro.


The metro has information offices, ticket offices ,providing services for tourists of the city.Taxi services have at a very high level. 
Only 40 minutes by metro and located center of Athens.


The central stop is called the Syntagma Station. In the central part of the square there is a fountain, which is transformed in the evening time.
Near the park are some of the attractions of Athens. This Square one of most famous of Athens. 
Greek Parliament is located near the National Garden. 

Only about 10 min.walks near the square there are beautiful building with Hotels. Where there is a service good and inexpensive.
The awakening of Athens begins at noon. Friendly owners of restaurants, cafes invite tourists.
Jewelry shops with articles of silvers and others handmade stones. Beautiful nightlife in Athens with taverns and Greek music. Willows and Plane trees with  so many cats meet and accompany their guests.

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