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Colors of Rainbow

Our planet is surrounded by a variety of colors. The azure,blue of the lakes and blue-green of the rivers of the seas and oceans,as well the foliage greens and the animal world adorn our land. Since ancient times used paints. From early childhood  many people like to draw, first with colored pencil, crayons and then with paints. In the City of Tel Aviv there are special shops Arta, which are located on the streets Nahalat Binyamin,  Dizengoff and King George.

Book stories

We will again look into the book world, where it always light and traveling around it,we comprehend the meaning of the pen... There are shops is located in Tel Aviv on King George Street. Where you can find many interesting and valuable books.

Folk motives

Invitation to visit... Bright colorful ,dishes always uplifting and creating coziness in every home. Welcome to Fox Home .

Connection of Times

The inextricable link times of generations. Everything goes in a circle. Sometimes time flies and sometimes it slows down. One of the most beautiful days lived on the planet earth  sunny and unique. We are all different and sad and funny, but always  young at heart.