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The new way

New ways, new roads,new dreams,new hopes. New year is knocking at the door ,open yours, invite a holiday to your bright widows. New year meet on the Earth  Planet... Festive Brussels.

Daughter of the Sea

The town of Bat Yam is named after the daughter is Neptune, the patron Saint of the Seas and Oceans. is This town is located on the Mediterranean cost. On normal weekdays, he rest,only on weekends at the end of the week  life is in full swing. Sea coast on the last day of the year... Canyon of Bat Yam in the New Year Holidays.

Winter fairy tale

The Amazingly picturesque island of Majorca is lit with colored lights... It is Christmas.

Mysteries of nature

We walk along familiar path, we wander the nature trails. Where the stones will reveal the secrets, the trees will offer plots and the sun will light the way for us. Everything is surprisingly simple and silence reigns here.

The Bird of Happiness

Barcelona the Capital of Catalonia is always beautiful throughout the year,but especially in December ,before Christmas. The atmosphere on Christmas Eve reigns special. Around a lot of beautiful festive, decorations ,are concerts .of the exhibition,fair. In the center of the City on Rambles street you can see living statues,of jugglers. Everywhere joyfully and merrily.

Forgotten Tune

Many years ago people wrote on the rocks with sharp stones. Times are changing and brushes have come to replace further goose feathers. Then ordinary wooden pens with feathers and  inks appeared. There was such a thing calligraphy. Fountain pens replaced ball use now. In our time is popular a pens of Company Parker. In the City of Tel Aviv on Dizengoff street 74 there is a boutique shop, where is a large selection of pens Parker.

Simple Magic

From early childhood we are given gifts by close people and   having matured,we adopt a tradition and also give present to our children,to friends and very close people and get at the time joy. This tradition has come from ancient times. When men gave  their beloved women seafood,or animal skins and also women talismans amulets... Times change and this tradition has been preserved to this day. In the City of Tel Aviv, there are interesting shops,where  you can familiarize yourself with items for decorating gifts. There shops are located on the streets of Qibbuts Galuyot 71, Allenby 123 Dereh  Yaffo 45.

Stone world

The history of natural stones has been known to many people ,since antiquity. There is a wide variety of natural  stones on our planet. Each person has his own stone according to his date of birth. At all times have been used to decorate building for housed items. Nowadays,decorations made of non-natural stones,have also become very popular. Artifical stones are sometimes not easy to distinguish fro natural. In the City of Tel Aviv at the crossroads of Allenby street , Hashmal and Derech Yaffo is located center of stores,where you  can buy jewelry or natural or artifical stones.