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Autumn Pastoral

The day of every person on Earth begins with the path. Every day is unique and fraught with many interesting discoveries.Noon in the month of October and the sun shines brightly. A lot of people walking along Rothschild street in Tel-Aviv. At the end of the street is Rothschild and begins the district, which is also called a small Paris,whose name is Neve Tzedek. This place is especially beautiful in the autumn ,when the foliage of the trees becomes multicolored. Neve Tzedek means the Above of the World in translation. Once many years ago people came from different places and decided to build a City.... Every street in this place is interesting and keeps its history. On Rokach  Street is a Museum of Nahum Gutman and a House of Writers, a books-shops ,of a books at a symbolic price. In Neve Tzedek there are cozy hotels, art galleries and various shops boutiques and the Suzann Dellal  Ballet Art Center and so many interesting places for tourists.

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